nonakani: "With love, your dearest Hinawa." (M3 - A Letter from Her)
2012-03-14 10:00 pm
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Hinawa Story, Chapter 1

Title: Hinawa Story
Fandom: Mother 3
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance, Adventure, Character Study
Warnings: Slight AU, Mother 3 Spoilers
Summary: When a pregnant Hinawa goes missing, Flint will go anywhere to find her.
A/N: No specific update schedule - Sunflower and Blade is still, after all, my primary project, and I can hardly keep up with its admittedly-shoddy update schedule as it is XD

Chapter 1 )
nonakani: It's a long, long (rail)road. (M3 - Train Tracks)
2012-03-10 04:38 pm
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So, uh, I'm just gonna introduce myself, I guess. Get a post up here, for the few who actually find it XD

Hello, Dreamwidth! The name's Nonakani (well, username. You know what I mean), but really, feel free to call me whatever you'd like.

You may also know me as shiroandfubuki, which was my general internet username until just recently.

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I'm not sure when/how much/how often I'll post here, to be honest. But I felt an introduction was necessary, regardless. If/when I do post to Dreamwidth, it'll likely be fanfics or fanfic-related material. For regular updates of all sorts, it's probably better to check dA or Tumblr.

Nice to meet all of you!