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So, uh, I'm just gonna introduce myself, I guess. Get a post up here, for the few who actually find it XD

Hello, Dreamwidth! The name's Nonakani (well, username. You know what I mean), but really, feel free to call me whatever you'd like.

You may also know me as shiroandfubuki, which was my general internet username until just recently.

I'm an extremely large fan of the Mother series (Mother 3 being my favorite), and a not-as-big-but-still-reasonably-large fan of about a million other different things. Hobbies include drawing (generally digitally), creative writing (which I'm pursuing professionally), literary analysis of all manner of things, and procrastinating on all of the above previously-stated interests. I take Japanese classes (proficiency = mediocre at best, but I digress), and am (not-so-)secretly fascinated with Astronomy and basically anything ever I see that looks cool. Feel free to approach me about anything! : )

I draw a Mother 3 fancomic titled Sunflower and Blade, which you can read on my DeviantArt Page. I have a good deal of fanart (and a few fanfics) there as well.

I also have a Tumblr.

I'm not sure when/how much/how often I'll post here, to be honest. But I felt an introduction was necessary, regardless. If/when I do post to Dreamwidth, it'll likely be fanfics or fanfic-related material. For regular updates of all sorts, it's probably better to check dA or Tumblr.

Nice to meet all of you!
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